Ayurvedic Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative central nervous system disorder caused due to an autoimmune process. When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, in an Ayurvedic perspective, it is defined as a neuro-immune-psycho-endocrine-metabolic disorder. This explains that MS is not an autoimmune disease, but a condition. The psychological state, hormonal functions, and metabolic aspects of the patient are also included when speaking about Multiple Sclerosis. Most people with this condition might experience fatigue, bladder problems, lack of coordination, muscle weakness, anxiety, etc.

Some studies have proved there is no cure for this condition. But it also stated that the symptoms can be stabilized or managed with proper medication or treatment. And when it comes to the treatment, many of us would wish for zero side effects or no complications after the treatment that we undergo. But the medications that we use are manufactured with lots of chemicals and other harmful substances that can cause side effects in one or the other manner. For example, there have been instances where medication taken for Typhoid has caused Type 2 Diabetes as a side effect.

What if you have an option to treat your diseases without any risk of side effects? A stream of medicine that uses only natural substances to make medicines? Yes, we do have an option! “Ayurveda”. Diseases or conditions like arthritis, asthma, anxiety issues, blood pressure, and even complicated conditions like Multiple Sclerosis can also be effectively treated with the help of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatment follows a very holistic healing system that includes a person’s mental, physical and emotional factors which might be the cause of any disease. Its main objective is to maintain good health and not to brawl with the disease. Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Ayurveda follows a unique mode of treatment that uses 100% natural products and treats the symptoms effectively without any complications.

When we discuss Multiple Sclerosis, Ayurveda has a very different perspective. It is a condition caused by “Vata” (energy of movement) that controls heart functions, breathing, mind, and blood flow. And “Pitta”, (energy of metabolism or digestion) which controls the digestion, hormones and the metabolism of your body. These are the 2 main doshas that are involved in the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. Almost 60% of patients with Multiple Sclerosis are affected with either Vata or Pitta or the combination of both Vata and pitta.

You might be wondering why to choose Ayush Prana (PAMS – Dr. Prashanth’s Ayurveda for Multiple Sclerosis)? Doctors at Ayush Prana are experienced exclusively in treating MS, since 1997 and we have successfully treated 2000+ patients across the globe with the help of freshly prepared medicines or oils that are made of herbs obtained from the jungle.

We have patented treatment technologies like Thaila Dhara, Kashaya Dhara and Shiro vasti (where you need to put oil for 1 hour on your head). And when it comes to the location of Ayush Prana. It is located at a place which has a river (Periyar) at the backside and you can see greenery all around. The place makes you so relaxed and soothing.

Multiple Sclerosis is not always related to the physical state of a body and it is also related to the psychological state of an individual. That is where the psychological state is also the main factor in causing MS. This is why you need a place where you can find yourself relaxed, warm and healthy.

We make sure that we treat a person as a whole as we believe that the health and wellbeing of a person depends on the mind, soul and spirit.

We at Ayush Prana, introduce a PAMS therapy that includes a 3-course treatment and also depends on the individual’s condition. That is where we provide personalized treatment for every individual considering the symptoms, and the whole case study of an individual. Our prime aim is to treat the condition from its root cause and prevent the recurrence of the condition.

It’s not just medication all the time. You also need to be more responsible to take care. Maintaining a proper diet, doing regular yoga, medication and early sleep are all important factors you need to be healthy.

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