Facilities & Services

  • Ayush Prana’s healthy cuisine incorporates key principles from Ayurveda, which considers not just taste but also its health aspects.
  • We emphasis on fresh natural foods low in fat and calories, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • We completely avoid food with excess salts, added colours, flavours, or preservatives.
  • Patient is advised to take food according to the hunger at proper time to resist the temptation of overeating.
  • Food is served in portions and is prepared fresh, 3 times a day.


Fresh fruits and south Indian breakfast


Rice, Indian bread, vegetable curries, salad.


Soups, vegetable porridge, and rice.

  • Purified drinking water (according to European standards)
  • No outside food is allowed.
  • Tea or Coffee will not be provided.

Daily check up

Everyday morning the chief physician and/or the other physicians will be invariably giving a personal consulting, checking the pulse, and deciding the treatment for that specific day according to the patient’s current condition.

Sessions with Doctors

  • Personal consultation is possible with the chief physician on prior appointment during the whole course of therapy.
  • There can be seminars on various aspects and subjects related to MS by our resident doctors.
  • In case of emergency, patients can approach any of the doctors.


  • Patients can get involved in various recreational activities available within the hospital premises.
  • If condition permits, one can engage in activities like swimming, kayaking (with prior consent), visit place of worship on special occasions, and other indoor sports like chess, caroms, karaoke singing, or just spending good time with fellow patients.
  • Therapeutic recreations are advised often that includes working with clay, sketching and painting for coordination.


One of the major symptoms in MS is mood swing. It is proven that 70-75% of the relapses is exacerbated by emotional disturbances.

We have experienced hands to help them during this time of emotional imbalances. A stable mind is desired during the course of treatment.

This will help to bring the best results. We are not only considering your physical problem, but also value your mental health.

Yoga For MS

  • Therapeutic yoga is advised during the course of treatment as and when required.
  • Symptom based yoga postures will be taught according to the patients condition.
  • In certain physical constitution and disease condition rest is ideal during treatment time. Hence the patients are advised to follow the yogic asanas and meditation under the medical supervision.

Other services offered

Electronic Devices

Internet facility with Wi-Fi connection is available in the hospital although patients will have screen time restriction to attain maximum benefits from the treatment.

Ayush Prana foundation is meant to extend financial aid to Multiple Sclerosis patients. Despite the treatment being economic, 80% of the patients who contact us are unable to afford the treatment. This thought motivated us to start such a foundation.

In order to help many more MS patients, we seek the help of well wishers who can financially support our patients either entirely or partially. Any economic help big or small will be highly appreciated.

The right treatment at the right time can save many patients from succumbing to the wheelchair. Often, the patients are unable to afford the treatment at this juncture. Though they may be able to afford the cost down the years, the disease would have progressed by then and the recovery may be quite impossible. Time is key and your help at this time is crucial for the patient.

The donations made will be used in its entirety to treat patients. In this aspect, we differ from other organisations.

Despite us discounting some reasonable percent of the treatment costs the remaining amount still needs to be covered. You can choose to wholly or partially sponsor the treatment and medications of a patient; Or make small monetary donations.

We are transparent in our process and the website will feature the benefactions, and the details of the patients who have been thus helped.


  • To support MS patients for treatment, priority will be given to mothers and children affected
  • Supporting tribal people and other staffs who help us to procure rare herbs.
  • Supporting research programs for MS.
  • Research and evolving new and more effective herbal medication for MS
  • Propagation of Ayurveda.
  • We are supporting in the building of eco-friendly houses for tribal herb collectors who are working for us.

Details for transfer from India

Account Name: Ayush Prana Ayurveda Hospital

Ac/ no: 13710200006814

IFSC: FDRL0001371

Branch: Federal bank Kalady Branch

Details for international transfer

Name: Dr. Prasanth Raghavan


IBAN: DE62870700240536809700


Address Bank:
DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG
Vertrieb Region Ost
Prager Strasse 8, 01069 Dresden, Germany

By the purpose of the transfer please write the name of the patient in order to identify the payment from whom it comes. Thank you.

Research is a significant aspect of clinical practice. It is of importance to showcase how herbal medicines can treat neurodegenerative disease like multiple sclerosis and overcome the blood brain barrier. The impact of the herbs on the lesions and it’s influence in reducing lesions or rendering the lesions inactive are studied. The prevention of brain volume shrinkage eventually, and totally through the help of the herbal concoctions is investigated.

There is a good possibility that the progress of Multiple Sclerosis in a patient could be stopped if treated in the early stages. And so, medical communities worldwide is scrambling to find a cure. Proper research will aid in the quest to generate effective therapies and treatments, so that more number of MS patients can avail more efficacious treatments and therapies in the future. This will ensure that nobody has to descend into a wheelchair due to Multiple Sclerosis. And this is our aspiration.

To bring our vision to fruition, we are currently pursuing two research programs. One is called an observational study, conducted with 100 patients. Collection of sample from these patients for study is afoot.

The second one involves studying the possibility of ceasing the progression of Multiple sclerosis in its initial stages with just oral herbal preparations. Preliminary data collection for this study is completed and we are hopeful that the result of this study will be published by 2023.

A successful and quality research is an expensive affair costing million of dollars. The research process requires adequate funding to acquire all the necessary resources, be it the field experts, the research facility, for its functioning, for data collections and processing. Though we have sought the help of both the Indian central government, and other foundations, we are not waiting for the complete endowment to begin the work. Our research is underway and we are looking forward to it.

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