Ayurveda is a 4000 year old science based on perpetual universal laws and influences the individual’s healing according to their own constitution. Even today, Ayurveda is proving its strength and validity, attested by the massive improvements in the patient’s conditions, especially after Dr. Prasanth’s Ayurveda for Multiple Sclerosis (PAMS).

The world’s first Ayurveda hospital specialized in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 2001 is a trusted health care Centre, founded by Dr.Prasanth Raghavan, well known not only in India but also in the international health care domain for his immense interest, avidity, concerted efforts backed by research and contribution to MS.

Hailing from a family of renowned Ayurveda physicians for 3 generations, he is filled with passion and in-depth knowledge about his area of expertise. According to Dr.Prasanth, MS can be interpreted as a progressive degenerative CNS disorder with direct involvement of the immune system which can hamper multiple systems like endocrine, digestive, psychological functions etc.

He has been successfully specialized in MS since 2001 and has treated hundreds of patients during more than 2000 treatment circles” plus 250 outpatients only with the medicines intake from at home” (stand 03.2022). During his period of 8 years in Europe, he analysed and refined the various facets of pathology, symptoms, and progression from where he could emerge with an efficient treatment protocol which produced significant results in his patients. He prescribes herbal medicines and treatments according to individual needs, symptoms and prakriti (constitution) of the patient.

Multiple Sclerosis, being ranked the 2nd most chronic illnesses in the world is estimated to cost $4 million approximately for a lifetime of drug expense of a person encountering MS, according to modern science.

He thereby went on to develop “PAMS”, Dr.Prasanth’s Ayurveda for MS, where the herbal preparations act, treating the pathology thus palliating the symptoms in its own accord with patented herbal formulations. It considers, the constitution, acuteness of the disease, progression, mental state of the patient and symptoms like blurred vision, slurred speech, improper cognitive functions etc. PAMS also includes Yoga, breathing exercises and a strict vegetarian sattvic diet according to afore said factors which will synchronize with the metabolism to enhance patient’s immunity on a continual basis.

Features of PAMS

  • Fresh hand-picked organic herbs for medicinal preparations.
  • Use of highly potentiated, rare, and unique combination of drugs.
  • GMP standardized.
  • No side effects.
  • Tablets manufactured with nil synthetic binders or colouring agents.

Principle focus of PAMS

  • Stopping progression of the disease and further relapse.
  • Improvement of symptoms like walking, balancing, vision, bowel, and bladder control.
  • Control of MRI from appearance of new lesions.
  • Correct the auto immune process by balancing the immune system vis-à-vis suppressing it.
  • Improve bowel and bladder function.
  • Stop emergence of new signs and symptoms of MS.
  • Stabilize current condition.

A fundamental of success in PAMS is attributed to fact that the formulations are symptom specific and prepared by modern pharmacological methods and after thorough research. All the herbs and medicated oils are tested for heavy metals or other toxic substances and are completely nontoxic and non-hazardous for consumption. The collected herbs are thoroughly cleansed, dried, and processed in our pharmacy located in Kerala, India Further, the underlying feature and strength is that the formulations prepared by Ayush Prana do not hold any synthetic substance or ingredient. Rather than suppressing the immune system, which is nature given, we are determined to rebuild it and with that, revitalize the nervous system for building a vibrant defence mechanism.

After critical analysis, we have deduced a 2-fold management for MS.

  1. In house management at Ayush Prana.
  2. Intake of medication at home.

* An online consultation is mandatory during which the physician will evaluate the cause, analyse MRI and other relevant reports, discuss future of the disease and prognosis from the treatment.

* After consultation, a patient specific formulation will be devised focusing on the pathology and progression of MS.

* Administration of 5-6 different mixtures of medicine for daily intake. A single mixture consisting of 40-70 herbs is collected, washed, dried, powdered and compressed into palatable tablets.

In-House Management at AP Intake of medicines at home
Optimum results can be obtained through our daily intensive treatments and the oral medication at Ayush Prana Medication can be consumed at the comfort of your homes.
Patient will be attended daily by the doctors and the therapies will be decided after examining the pulse. Initial changes can be expected after 3 months and the recommended duration to evaluate the told effectiveness is 5-6 months.
Initial changes can be expected within 3-4 weeks. Made available at an affordable price.
Medicines may be modified as the treatment progresses. Doctors can be contacted online/ phone call for further guidance.
Body and mind are treated as a whole. Doctors will provide guidance on the matters of diet, yoga and lifestyle to support the treatments. Assistance regarding the diet and yoga for your body type will be provided in the app (link for the app)
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