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After landing at the Kochi airport, a 30-45 mins drive will take you to a charming and picturesque village called Illithode, which shares the boundaries between teak forest and the river Periyar. Even though Ayush Prana is accredited as a hospital by the Government of India, you will find the peacefulness and spirit of an ashram, and the quality and beauty of a resort, with the standard of an international Ayurvedic hospital. The entire atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the beauty of the place will surprise you with the familiar touch.

Ayush Prana is situated in a remote, silent, serene, and beautiful area of a small village, with almost no traffic. It is situated on the beautiful banks of river Periyar, overlooking the forest that pervades one side of the center.

The presence of the river and trees in the hospital area makes the temperature cooler than outside, and the temperature variation is minimal between the coldest weather and the hottest.

Ayush Prana is located amidst an abundance of Indian herbal flora with herbs and trees like: Herb of grace/Indian pennywort (Brahmi), Indian borage/ Indian Rock foil (Panikkoorkka), Aloe vera, Holy basil (tulasi), Asian pigeonwings (Shankupushpam), Henna plant, Long pepper (Thippali), Betel (Betel), Indian pennywort (Kodakan), Asparagus(Chadavary), Spreading Hogweed / Punarnava (Thazhuthama), Desmodium (Orila), Neem (Aryavep), Pomegranate (Mathalanarakam), Kuning Bamboo (Ornamental Bamboo), Lucky Bamboo, Passion fruit, Black pepper, Myxopyrum Chathuramulla, Nutmeg plant, Sandal Wood, Jack tree, Mango Tree, Teak, Mahogany, Wild Jack or Jungle Jack, Bell fruit plant, Ashoka tree, Palm Tree (Toddy), Papaya tree, Bamboo, Fig Tree, Bilimbi tree, Mullatha, golden shower tree, Coconut Tree, Areca palm, Rambutan, Lime tree, Vayana.

Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. An equable climate, a long shoreline with serene beaches, tranquil stretches of backwaters, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife, waterfalls, sprawling plantations and paddy fields. Kerala is India’s most progressive society, with hundred percent literacy and world-class health care systems and with the lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy. A famous historical landmark near to our place is the St. Thomas international shrine which attracts thousands of devotees each year.

Dr. Prasanth Raghavan

Dr. Prasanth Raghavan is specialized in neurological disease and the torch bearer of Ayurveda therapies for neurological diseases originated centuries back in his family.

His eminence is the third generation descendent of Datthatreya Parampara. Through continuous innovation & research from childhood he had developed his skills in the area like Nadi Pariksha, Marma Vidya and also in formulating special herbal medicines.

He can identify more than 300 medicinal plants with their rasa, guna, virya, prabhava and unlike the normal kids Dr. Prasanth’s childhood was spent inside the herbal garden by identifying and feeling each and every one of them. He was exposed to many Ayurvedic formulations and treatment methodology from which slowly he developed his own special way of treatment. Later during the college time he realized his path which was neurology. Since then he started to focus more on neurological disorders.

During 2001-2008 time period he practiced in Germany as a successful Ayurveda physician. He came across many MS patients and understood their suffering more deeply. A disease which can affect the teenager and make their life miserable to an extend to bring them down to wheelchair. The available medication during that time were expensive and not showing much results. This has made him to dedicate his entire life to the vast field of Multiple Sclerosis, the disease of unknown cause.

He started research into this area and came up with the cost effective Ayurvedic treatment which shows remarkable changes in the patients. The lesions started disappearing, people started improving, they found their lost dreams again. Later on, as a path of improving programs he searched a place with the beauty of nature, richness of herbs which one can find the inner peace, that lead him to Ayush Prana destination, the place where all the deep prayers of a MS patients be answered.

There wasn’t any magic happening, only rediscovery of ancient wisdom of Indian medicinal system.

Simona Adriana Gerber

Simona, a German by nationality, is an experienced Yoga teacher, Ayurveda therapist with a vast understanding about Multiple Sclerosis gained during the whole years while assisting Dr Prasanth since 2006. She is the chief therapist being involved in the treatments, coordination of therapies, organisation and functioning of the hospital. She can speak good English, German, Romanian and can handle Spanish. Being familiar with this treatment method since so many years,

she understands the needs of patient well and nurses them compassionately, patiently and with competence. Being the bridge between Indian and European mentality she acts and helps accordingly following the standards practiced in Europe. She keeps the overview of the patient’s needs during their whole stay in India and is the supervisor of all the services given by our workers. The emails are answered by her as well, being available for all the patients all the time.

Dr. Shruthi Sundar

Dr. Shruthi, the youngest and the most energetic member of our team completed her graduation in Ayurveda in 2018 from Kerala university following which she did the yoga instructor course from S-Vyasa university, Bangalore. She was an intern at four well known ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala during her graduation where she elaborately got first-hand experience in areas like women and childcare, traditional ayurvedic medicine application at institutional and research levels etc.

Hence after, she was in search of an Ayurveda Vaidya or guru for finding the real ancient Ayurveda wisdom, which was fulfilled after meeting Dr. Prasanth Raghavan at Ayush Prana. Currently she is working on developing therapeutic Yoga for MS patients by combining it with Ayurvedic treatment methodology under the guidance of Dr. Prasanth. She was born and brought up midst the grand family of ayurvedic doctors, with her mother, uncles and grandfather being the pioneers in this field which naturally planted the seed of passion and interest of this great science into the young mind. Dr. Shruthi not only learnt but started assisting her mother Dr. Geetha Sundar during medicine formulations and therapy sessions to acquire deeper insight into the finer details of actual practice. She is an extremely hardworking and empathetic person who makes sure to get the best for any person seeking assistance regarding health problems.


Knowing human being and elaborating the intricacies, Ayurveda remains unique in the concept of the individual. A few months of my life and practice in Germany gave me the understanding, that Ayurveda could emerge as a medical system in the West only through evidence based studies. Because its philosophical and theoretical fundamentals are unable to be explained in the present day reductionistic knowledge. This event shall be enumerated as a step to the future of Ayurveda in the West.

Incidentally, I had various occasions to share with MS patients and there by to know the intensity of the disease “Multiple Sclerosis”.

Since MS is affecting mostly people of the younger age group, who are involved in the vibrance of health in creating family, job, sport etc., it is a despairing incident in their life. Its sudden onset and the impression they get that there is no cure possible.

The Government of Germany is paying more than 33000 Euro per year (Die Welt 16.11.04).(the reason to which this treatment method can be inducted to be paid by the insurance).

This is a collection of case studies on Multiple Sclerosis treated with the help of DATMS (The Dathathreya Ayurvedic Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis). A collection of Ayurvedic treatment methods adapted to individual needs. A treatment method that had been invented or developed by Swami Dathathreya, the teacher to my father Dr. R.Raghavan who had refined this method and is using in the management of Multiple Sclerosis in our Family clinic in India and Ayurveda Ashram in Germany. The most important facet of the treatment is the usage of Potentiated Herbal oils.

This is an invitation to share the benevolent views of the Ayurveda as reflected by the vedic saying “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” – let the entire world be Healthy.

Dr. Prasanth Raghavan P.A.M.S
Here we give an overview about Multiple Sclerosis patients who had the DATMS Ayurveda treatment programs, which had been treated by Dr.Prasanth Raghavan (P.A.M.S. Mangalore University, India). Here we have given more emphasis on the symptoms that are affecting patients daily life (pains, motor functions like walking, bladder control, vision etc.)

What is PAMS?

((Dr.Prasanth’s Ayurveda for Multiple Sclerosis))

Dr Prasanth often defines MS as a Neurological diseases, having multisystem involvement. The disease pathology involves immune system, psycho-neurological system, endocrine system, and the metabolic system, beside nervous system. So, it is a neuro-immuno-psycho-endocrine-metabolic disease.

Ayurveda considers such neurological diseases as treatable, and the ancient textbooks describe the required medicines and treatments to recover from it. MS normally needs years of treatment; at Ayush Prana, Dr. Prasanth’s special, intensive, ayurvedic program for MS (PAMS) offers the same results in the shortest time.

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