PAMS Questions

The basic and minimum treatment duration is for 50-60 days. 60 days Is the optimum one what doctor suggests. If the patient is unable to avail sufficient leave from the work, then 45 days of intense treatment could be tried. If the disease is advanced with severe symptoms and extensive lesions in the brain and spine, then more treatment days will be required. But the precise treatment duration could only be assessed after direct or online consultation with the doctors.

We can talk about 3 stages:

a) Stage of total recovery:

Complete recovery from MS without leaving any residual symptoms. This is possible in patients with an early diagnosis of MS. With fewer lesions in brain, where the spine is not affected or where the lesions are small on the spinal cord; without having serious symptoms like walking debility or incontinence etc. EDSS 1-3.5 (for more info read staging of MS according to PAMS). 

Expected results after 3 years PAMS

  1. Improvement in symptoms like walking distance, vision, balance etc.
  2. No decline in physical capability or neurological functions.
  3. Stopping the progression of the disease.
  4. No appearance of new symptoms.
  5. MRI- DIS and DIT are controlled which means the appearance of new lesions, disappearance of the lesions (in 25% of cases) or the lesions being non-active. 

b) Stage of improvement and stability

Patients between EDDS 4-6 are considered to belong to this stage. Those who can walk independently but with some difficulties or those who need walking aid, those with balancing issues, lack of bowel and bladder control, or vision problems, or fine motoric symptoms, extreme fatigue, etc, fall under this category. (For more info read staging of MS according to PAMS) stabilization of MS and improvement of MS symptoms. Stages of prevention- preventing the progression of disease. 

C) Stages of management

For patients above EDSS 6.5, progression can be slowed down with continuous therapies and PAMS herbal medications.

MS is a curable disease if treated at the initial stage. To reach that state the patient needs to give sufficient time for the treatment as recommended, and the patient needs to follow all advice given to them and apply all the new erudition pertaining to MS, health, medications, treatments, and lifestyle (including but not limited to diet and sleep), learned during their stay with us. 

It is essential to bring the recent MRI (taken within 3 months before starting the treatment) and other relevant documents like: perimetry test for vision disturbance, Vitamin B12 and B3 screening, VEP, nerve conduction test etc. Expected expense will be 200 Euro (as per 2019). Since the labs, testing and scan center is affiliated with us, they will provide research-oriented MRI reports, which is otherwise difficult to acquire from other labs, testing and scan centers (PAMS recommended) .

Treatment and Medicines related Questions

It is essential to bring the MRI film or CD and reports from the neurologist, radiologist (translated in English). The report should mention the number of lesions present, its location, note the volume of the brain and all the other details.  

We recommend taking a fresh MRI before starting with our treatments and then take an MRI after every year of treatment, so that we can track the progression of the disease, and the treatment time can be adjusted accordingly. If you cannot manage to take an MRI in your country, it could be done here in private lab and scanning centers, offering scanning, and testing that match the European standards with reasonable prices. It would cost around 350 euro for the brain and spine with contrast.

Also carry with you

  • flashlights or torchlight
  • 2 thermos of 500 ml and one 1 lit capacity for keeping your individual decoction warm.
  • Your laptop in case it is a small one (or iPad). Otherwise, you will be allowed to use our computer.
  • One extra pair of slippers to be used during treatment, which can get oily. Also, you may choose to walk barefoot on the campus as some like to feel the earth.
  • You may bring an iPod or MP3 if you would like to listen to some nice, soothing, and relaxing music.
  • Your favorite book(s) or kindle if you like reading your own book. Note that you may read-only for a limited amount of time per day, and it is advised to avoid reading thrillers. 
  • Your photo camera: If you want to click pictures of the serene beauty of the center and its surroundings
  • Kindly bring along clothes that are simple and comfortable. Do not bring expensive high-quality dresses and light-colored clothing. In winter season, you may expect the temperature to drop down to 20⁰C at nights, so, pack some warm clothes if you feel the need.  Mosquito nets will be provided on request.
  • For women, we provide light and long robes to be used during the body treatment although they can carry personalized robes for convenience. Men need to bring their own robes or a towel to be bound around their waist, or short trousers, to be used during the treatment.
  • Kindly bring your own toiletries and other personal effects for grooming, like nail cutter, comb, shampoos, etc.
  • Electrical gadgets from other countries can be connected here, so there is no need to bring additional adaptors.

Plan for some free space amongst your luggage on your return home to take with you 8 – 9 kg of herbs to last till the next treatment cycle. We will provide you with certification for customs clearance, confirming that the herbs you are carrying are not toxic and are only for medical purpose.

The first draft of G.M.P was formed by W.H.O in 1968 and later, it was followed internationally. In India GMP (good manufacturing practices) is a set of legal guidelines that have been regulated by W.H.O (World health organization) since 1975. In India, GMP was introduced in 1988 as an amendment to Drug and Cosmetic rule 1945. In India licences for the manufacturing of Ayurveda drugs are issued only to such units which fulfil the GMP requirements. GMP regulations require medicines to be produced consistently according to defined quality standards and enabling companies to eliminate or at least minimize instances of contamination, mix-ups, and errors, which in turn protects the consumer from purchasing a product which is ineffective or dangerous. The final product quality testing is insufficient to assure the quality of individual medicine. The assessment of quality at each step of manufacturing process, therefore, becomes an indispensable aspect. Ayurveda medicines have been used since Vedic period for the treatment of mankind and play a very important role in treatment of diseases. The production of medicines plays a great role in the treatment. The medicines have to be prepared with (high) quality raw material; proper procedure of preparation should be followed so as to give a standard quality medicine. The good outcome will only be found if standard operative procedure has been followed from collection of raw material till dispensing of the prepared medicines and these have been explained under GMP. These GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines aim to ensure that drugs and other pharmaceutical products are safe and effective. Since then, GMP has been considered a seal of quality for pharmaceutical products.

Good Manufacturing Practices have been adopted by many countries worldwide and that includes India which is now the second largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the world. A Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product.


PAMS treatment is indicated for 3 times, each time the inpatient therapy must last for approximately 50-60 days. Besides. the patient has to take herbal preparations during the entire period of treatment; to be precise, all 180 days of inpatient treatment and 965 days of medicine, after being discharged from the premises. The exact number of days of the treatment is subject to change, based on the individual’s condition. The final decision regarding the total number of treatment days is decided at the time of consultation. (see under Dr.Prasanth’s Ayurveda ). After finishing the 3 cycles of treatments, the herbal preparation can be discontinued. However, these medications can be taken for long term as it has several other benefits. Normally, these medicines help in rejuvenation, recovering of the nervous system, keeping the digestive system in form, and prevention of diseases. Some patients prefer to continue some of their medicines due to the absence of any side effects.

PAMS treatment is indicated for 3 times, 50-60 days inpatient therapy and the patient must take herbal preparations during the whole period. To be precise: 180 days of inpatient treatment and 965 days of medicine. The final decision for the treatment days is decided at the time of consultation. (See under Dr Prasanth’s Ayurveda)

After finishing the 3 cycles of treatments the herbal preparations can be discontinued. Normally these medicines help in rejuvenation, recovering of the nervous system, keeping the digestive system in form, and prevention of diseases

General Questions

  • After going through the web site, please send your enquiry regarding admission, lodging and treatment to this email address: doctorayushprana@gmail.com or simona.gerber@web.de
  • Our gateway is an online consultation, during which, all your queries will be answered. Our doctors here will provide online consultation, or a personal consultation can be arranged with Dr. Prasanth when he is in Europe. 
  • It is mandatory to send MRI reports before the consultation.
  • In the email write to us about your actual symptoms, current medication.
  • It is mandatory to send your recent MRI reports in comparison with previous one, recent photo, gait video if walking is affected.
  • Read the information material sent in the attachments to answer your queries if any and feel free to ask if you have any further questions.
  • Once the decision has been made, kindly inform us of the approximate date(s) from when you wish to begin the treatment. Based on our booking list we will confirm your reservation. Check for the availability of rooms since we have limited number of rooms. After which, your can proceed to apply for the Visa and Flight tickets, or Flights first and then Visa, depending on the consulate requirements from your country.
  • Foreigners need a Visa to enter India. Please check the web site of the Indian consulate in your country. Note: please bear in mind that it is illegal to treat persons travelling with a tourist visa. Therefore, apply for MEDICAL VISA for medical purpose. 
  • Those who require an invitation or special letter for the consulate, we shall send to you scanned on our letter head, sealed with Doctor’s signature, and stamped.

  • Avoid using electronic devices (laptops, computers, tabs) for more than 30
    minutes a day. Its radiations harm you even more during the treatment. Do
    not engage in phone calls or Skype calls for more than 10 minutes per day.
  • Avoid talking too much during the day to avoid wasting your energy.
  • Avoid activities which can cause emotional disturbances.
  • Avoid overdoing any type of exercise or too much physical effort (mild physio
    exercises, mild Yoga postures and Pranayama are advised).
  • Avoid over stimulating of any sense organ by hearing music with earphones
    or reading more than half an hour per day.
  • Non-vegetarian food and food from outside should not be consumed. Food,
    according to the diet, is prepared at the centre for all 3 meals of the day.
  • Avoid any type of sexual activities during the treatment period.
  • Avoid speaking during the treatments with other patients or the therapists.
  • Avoid exposure to rain and sunlight, in the afternoon time between 11 am and 3pm
  • Avoid sleeping during the day. If sleepy, rest on the chair with closed eyes.
  • Avoid using hair dryers during the treatment period. Use towel to dry your hair well.
  • Drinking alcohol, coffee, smoking or intake of drugs during your stay with us is prohibited.
  • It is required by you to rest on the massage table after finishing the treatment for 30 minutes, except after “Rice Massage” and “Kashaya Dhara”.
  • It is important to be relaxed and seated with your back straight during “Shiro Vasti”.
  • Wash your hair after Shiro Vasti only with Lukewarm water (Hot water is
  • 10 minutes rest on the massage table is advised in case you are prescribed
    extra belly massage.
  • To benefit from the treatment, it is essential to take food only when hungry.
    Skip the meal when there is no hunger.
  • See that you are hungry when you have treatments, so that assimilation of the herbs can happen.
  • The quantity of your food must be according to your hunger. When there is no hunger, take less quantity of food. When much hunger, take moderate
    quantity of food. Maintain a mild hunger throughout the day. Avoid eating
    stomach full at every meal to avoid directing all your energy towards digesting only. This will cause tiredness and lead to indigestion and lack of appetite. Hunger is essential to obtain expected results from the treatment.
  • Chew the food properly in the mouth and eat in the silence. Remain seated for 10 minutes after finishing the food.
  • Advised to go to bed not later than 9 – 9:30 pm.
  • Do not leave your room during the night (either to go to the kitchen or walking due to sleeplessness, etc.).
  • Wear warm clothes whenever you feel cold (to avoid getting cold).
  • Trips, tours, and travel during the treatment is not advised (exception will be done for a single time shopping for souvenirs).
  • There is a chance that the time of some treatments may vary. Please be
    relaxed and understanding for when unforeseen situations which may arise.
  • Please inform the doctor in case of any infections, inflammations, indigestion, diarrhoea, or any unusual discomfort.
  • If you have any complaints or suggestions, please be fair and contact us
    directly, not to spread negativity among other patients too.
  • Clear all your doubts during your stay by us, be it regarding medicine,
    treatment, or anything else.
  • For any medical issues please consult the doctors, for any technical issues,
    the manager.
  • Please inform the doctor if you are on any other medications.
  • Do not take shower immediately after taking food, wait until the digestion is
  • Always shower after the treatment and never before.
  • Drink sufficient water during the day, till 7 pm latest (1.5-2 liters)
  • Do not dispose the napkins or toilet papers into the toilet.
  • Eco-friendly and try not to waste water and electricity.
  • Concentrate and be involved in the treatment during your whole stay. We
    need your complete cooperation and commitment.
  • Try your best to maintain a balanced state of mind, to remain calm, content
    and whenever you need any type of counselling, let us know. We will be
    always with you.
  • Relax physically and mentally as much as possible during the day.
  • Be thoughtful of the other patients with whom you will be sharing the campus. Ensure that your activities do not cause inconvenience to your fellow patients.
  • Religiously follow all the advises given by doctors. It is not allowed to leave
    the hospital premises after 6 pm.
  • Before going outside please take permission from the concerned person.
  • Be respectful towards the herbs in your medications even when the taste is
    unpleasant sometimes. Kindly bear in mind that these herbs are helping your recovery.

Since this is a research institute, all patient data are recorded with utmost accuracy so that we can find a lasting cure for MS in the future. And so, everybody is invited to participate in the program to find the solution for MS. We include all our patients in the research program since it is essential, and we request your cooperation with us.

You are welcome at our hospital at any time. There you can meet our patients in different stages of their treatment. It is also possible for you to contact other patients with their consent. You can feel free to watch our video testimonials on the website as well.

Most of the relapses could be controlled during the 1st 60 days of PAMS. But certain highly progressive forms of MS may require the 2nd or 3rd treatment to control further relapses and progression.

Sometimes the patient may experience multiple relapses in a year. And in cases where the patient already has a disease activity when they come to Ayush Prana, a relapse can happen.

Moreover, a minimum of 3 weeks of treatment is required for the medicine to take effect, weaken, and eventually stop the disease progression. In case, of milder to moderate relapse herbal medications can be used to manage the condition. you get a milder to moderate relapse herbal medications can be used to manage the condition.

However, if the attack is severe, corticosteroids could be used to manage the condition as an emergency response.

MS requires hardcore treatment as well as radical changes in lifestyle that include dietary changes, sleep habits, exercising etc. During treatment with Ayush Prana these lifestyle changes must be followed and specifically during the inpatient period i.e., when the patient is admitted. A prescribed lifestyle is explained to each patient which must be strictly followed..

It is of the utmost importance that the gross improvement will happen only with these pathya (the prescribed lifestyle during treatment). if it is not followed thoroughly, complications may arise during or after the treatment. We shall constantly remind the patient of these pathya. If they are seen to lack the motivation to follow this pathya exactly, and in cases of defiance of the pathya and the changes, a letter of warning will be served to you. Also, those who are willing to complete the full course of treatment at Ayush Prana are welcome to stay here ( refer for online consultation)

This pathya will be challenging to those:

  • Who experience difficulty to stand by themselves due to the
    advanced stage of progression
  • Who cannot walk at all.
  • Who have severe pathological mental disturbance.
  • Who see this option by us as a stay at usual wellness centres or
    holiday trip without the required seriousness towards this disease.

For those who cannot travel due to physical disability can take our herbal medication. Once the patient’s condition has improved, they are welcome to come for the treatment. Please register on the page to have an appointment for the consultation and prescription of the medicines.

Half of the total amount need to be paid in advance at the time of admission when the patient’s oil is to be prepared. The remaining amount, after the bill for the entire of course of the patient is calculated, must be paid when the previous installment has been consumed; this will be around the middle of your course of treatment at Ayush Prana or weeks prior to your discharge.

Payment can be done through online modes of payment in the above-mentioned installments. The exchange and extra bank fees which are involved in the transactions will be deducted from you. You can also make the entire payment of the expenses of your treatment at the beginning itself. For the days without any treatment, for example, resting after coming to our place, will be charged only for the accommodation and food. Once the treatment has been started, the amount will be calculated normally regardless of the number of treatments per days which will be determined by the doctor for each patient based on requirements. If there are no treatments at all on days in between due to any reason, you will only be charged for food and stay (see price for bystander). You may be charged extra on certain herbs, care, and all other services.

Extra 100 euro will be charged for calculation, per week, in case you interrupt the treatment and would like to leave the centre, for example, two weeks earlier than planned. We are a small centre with limited accommodation. At once we can accommodate only 19 patients. A place in Ayush Prana will be confirmed once your flight has been booked and confirmed or when you have paid 300 euros for blocking your accommodation in advance. Kindly note that this advance amount will be discounted from the final bill during the time of your discharge or would serve as a cancellation fee, in case, you rescind your reservation you made with us for your treatment. calculated for the final bill or would serve as cancellation fee in case you don’t come anymore.

No, we don’t have other branches.

The first day, on reaching Ayush Prana, the patient will spend the day resting and sleeping only. It is important to get some rest after the travel in order to cope with the therapies. The treatment as a preparation for Shirovasti will be done the next day.

A typical day at Ayush Prana will feature doctors’ visit, treatments, social activities if preferred, meditation and yoga, etc… Patients will be motivated to wake up early and go to sleep at around 9.00PM.

It is not preferable to travel during Ayurvedic treatment. A state of complete rest is advised.

Since the therapies extend over a long period of time, with doctors’ consent one may undertake short travel to nearby sightseeing locations once the patient’s condition is stabilized. There are few beautiful locations one can visit.

Even though there are many unknown causative factors for MS, Dr. Prasanth could find in almost all the patients during hundreds of consultations some common factors listed as follows:

60-70% of Multiple Sclerosis patients have neuro-immune axis, what is triggered by uncontrolled prolonged infections by certain microorganisms, toxicity, immune compromised conditions like prolonged childhood infections, and frequent antibiotic intake etc.

  • Mental-emotional stress over a long period of time including traumas of any
    kind, shock, could trigger or the cause the disease.
  • Genetic causes, both dormant and recessive traits.
  • Accidents causing physical trauma in vital marma points (car accidents, falls, etc)
  • Multiple vaccination in a short duration of time will present a severe challenge for the body. Many patients have reported many MS symptoms shortly after getting the shot.
  • Stronger reasons like the above, along with poor sleep pattern, bad quality in sleep, chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle could lead to a Vata disturbance. If not corrected in time may lead to Vata disorders.
  • Patients with Vata constitutions are more prone to Vata disorders
  • Certain chemicals ingestion in Pitta and Pitta – Kapha constitution where they react strongly neuro immune anomaly can set in which can lead to this

We have rooms which can be used to accommodate disabled patients. Few of our ground floor rooms have ramp for the wheelchair. The rooms and bathrooms are quite spacious. for the disabled patients.

Ayush Prana is situated at the end of a small village in a silent area with almost no traffic. Still, we wish to discourage the expectations of a 100% stillness. At times there may be some noise due to maintenance work of the place, or the neighbourhood where the music can be heard from the nearby Church, Temple, or Mosque. It is at the same time a very safe place, without any infractions, where the tourists or any foreigners are welcomed by the locals. One of the most beautiful things here is the familiar and the relaxed atmosphere and out exceptionally friendly staff.

India is a pretty humid country, therefore please anticipate some unpleasantness due to the weather at the beginning. Most patients seamlessly adjust to the climate within a few days.

The temperature in our hospital is always far cooler than outside, because of the small river running parallel to the campus and the presence of many trees ensure shade everywhere. From March till June, it is summertime with the highest temperature 35 – 40 degrees. From June till end of August is normally monsoon time when it is rainy all through the day but without coldness. From September to March the temperatures are very comfortable during the day (25-30 degrees) and a bit cooler during the nights. The temperature variation is minimal from the coldest weather till the hottest, so most of the time sunshine will brighten our days and the mood.

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