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PAMS Questions

The basic and minimum treatment duration is for 50-60 days. 60 days Is the optimum one what doctor suggests. If the patient is unable to avail sufficient leave from the work, then 45 days of intense treatment could be tried. If the disease is advanced with severe symptoms and extensive lesions in the brain and spine, then more treatment days will be required. But the precise treatment duration could only be assessed after direct or online consultation with the doctors.

It is essential to bring the recent MRI (taken within 3 months before starting the treatment) and other relevant documents like: perimetry test for vision disturbance, Vitamin B12 and B3 screening, VEP, nerve conduction test etc. Expected expense will be 200 Euro (as per 2019). Since the labs, testing and scan center is affiliated with us, they will provide research-oriented MRI reports, which is otherwise difficult to acquire from other labs, testing and scan centers (PAMS recommended) .

Treatment and Medicines related Questions

The first draft of G.M.P was formed by W.H.O in 1968 and later, it was followed internationally. In India GMP (good manufacturing practices) is a set of legal guidelines that have been regulated by W.H.O (World health organization) since 1975. In India, GMP was introduced in 1988 as an amendment to Drug and Cosmetic rule 1945. In India licences for the manufacturing of Ayurveda drugs are issued only to such units which fulfil the GMP requirements. GMP regulations require medicines to be produced consistently according to defined quality standards and enabling companies to eliminate or at least minimize instances of contamination, mix-ups, and errors, which in turn protects the consumer from purchasing a product which is ineffective or dangerous. The final product quality testing is insufficient to assure the quality of individual medicine. The assessment of quality at each step of manufacturing process, therefore, becomes an indispensable aspect. Ayurveda medicines have been used since Vedic period for the treatment of mankind and play a very important role in treatment of diseases. The production of medicines plays a great role in the treatment. The medicines have to be prepared with (high) quality raw material; proper procedure of preparation should be followed so as to give a standard quality medicine. The good outcome will only be found if standard operative procedure has been followed from collection of raw material till dispensing of the prepared medicines and these have been explained under GMP. These GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines aim to ensure that drugs and other pharmaceutical products are safe and effective. Since then, GMP has been considered a seal of quality for pharmaceutical products.

Good Manufacturing Practices have been adopted by many countries worldwide and that includes India which is now the second largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the world. A Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product.


General Questions

Since this is a research institute, all patient data are recorded with utmost accuracy so that we can find a lasting cure for MS in the future. And so, everybody is invited to participate in the program to find the solution for MS. We include all our patients in the research program since it is essential, and we request your cooperation with us.

You are welcome at our hospital at any time. There you can meet our patients in different stages of their treatment. It is also possible for you to contact other patients with their consent. You can feel free to watch our video testimonials on the website as well.

Most of the relapses could be controlled during the 1st 60 days of PAMS. But certain highly progressive forms of MS may require the 2nd or 3rd treatment to control further relapses and progression.

Sometimes the patient may experience multiple relapses in a year. And in cases where the patient already has a disease activity when they come to Ayush Prana, a relapse can happen.

Moreover, a minimum of 3 weeks of treatment is required for the medicine to take effect, weaken, and eventually stop the disease progression. In case, of milder to moderate relapse herbal medications can be used to manage the condition. you get a milder to moderate relapse herbal medications can be used to manage the condition.

However, if the attack is severe, corticosteroids could be used to manage the condition as an emergency response.

We have rooms which can be used to accommodate disabled patients. Few of our ground floor rooms have ramp for the wheelchair. The rooms and bathrooms are quite spacious. for the disabled patients.

Ayush Prana is situated at the end of a small village in a silent area with almost no traffic. Still, we wish to discourage the expectations of a 100% stillness. At times there may be some noise due to maintenance work of the place, or the neighbourhood where the music can be heard from the nearby Church, Temple, or Mosque. It is at the same time a very safe place, without any infractions, where the tourists or any foreigners are welcomed by the locals. One of the most beautiful things here is the familiar and the relaxed atmosphere and out exceptionally friendly staff.