Ayurvedic Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis at Ayush Prana

What is Multiple Sclerosis? What are the commonly observed symptoms of MS?  Can Ayurveda help you manage this condition?  What Ayurvedic Therapies do we use at Ayush Prana to treat MS? This blog will answer all these questions that are occupying your mind.


What Is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative central nervous system disorder and an autoimmune condition affecting the brain and the spinal cord, hindering an individual’s ability to function and/or move normally. Mostly, it is believed as a chronic condition with no cure. In Dr. Prasanth’s view, Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological condition involving multi-system, including the metabolic, endocrine, immune and psycho-neurological systems. The symptoms depend on the pathology and severity of the disease in a given individual. Some commonly observed symptoms in MS include gait problems (difficulty walking), vision problems, extreme fatigue, bowel and bladder issues, muscle weakness, anxiety, depression and stress.


Why Choose Ayurveda For Treating MS?

The simplest answer is that there is no side effect in Ayurvedic Treatment and it can be used by anyone, even while simultaneously having other conditions like diabetes, asthma, etc.

Ayurveda is the oldest system of treatment that takes into consideration, a person’s mental, physical, and emotional aspects that may contribute to the development of a disease. Ayurveda also focuses on the root cause of the condition and helps prevent the relapse of the condition. Ayurveda is a holistic process following a unique mode of treatment using 100% natural ingredients to treat the symptoms of MS without any complications.


But, what exactly does Ayurvedic therapy entail? 

We, at Ayush Prana, have patented medicines used in treatments like Shirovasti, Thaila Dhara and Kashya Dhara to stabilise the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and prevent the condition from going into a relapse.


What are these treatments that we talk about?  How are they beneficial in treating Multiple Sclerosis?

Shiro Vasti

Shirovasti or Shiro Vasti is the most intense treatment procedure in Ayurveda therapy to treat central nervous system disorders. This is a unique Ayurvedic Therapy where “Shiro refers to Head” and “Vasti refers to container”.

Shiro Vasti is a very unique procedure in which custom made highly potent medicinal oil, infused with herbs, is poured and retained on the vital spot of the head for 60-120 minutes using an elongated cap.

Thi treatment rejuvenates and extends cell life, strengthens immunity, and increases metabolism in the human body. Depression, migraine, vision and central nervous system (CNS) related conditions can be treated effectively with the help of Shiro Vasti.

In Ms, Shiro Vasti helps nourish the brain and promotes its efficient functioning. It calms the recipient of Shiro Vasti besides improving one’s sleep quality. It is known to relieve the pin pricking pain. It also balances the Vata and Kapha in the brain. Diminishes Stress and Anxiety. Above all, Shiro Vasti effectively reinvigorates the whole body which is de​bil​i​ta​ed due to multiple sclerosis.


Thaila Dhara

Thaila Dhara is one of the significant oil therapies in Ayurvedic Treatment. It is used in treating several health conditions including Vata dosha disorders, depression, and neurological disorders. This therapy is mainly chosen to treat skeletal and muscular disorders.

Thaila Dhara is also known as “Pizhichil”, which refers to massaging. This technique involves strategically pouring a warm, customised, herb-infused oil over the body on marma points, activating them.  This will be combined with a soft massage of the entire body except for the head. The duration of this therapy is 35- 45 min.

Thaila Dhara reduces numbness or stiffness, lessens spasticity over time, soothes the body and mind, and improves blood circulation while Relieving body pain, in MS patients. It Improves overall health, boosts immunity, strengthens nerves and re-tunes the entire nervous system. It aids the recovery of an inflammated ophthalmic system. Thaila Dhara is also very beneficial in reducing your stress and anxiety.


Kashaya Dhara

Another significant therapy in Ayurvedic treatment is Kashaya Dhara.  Kashayam- refers to decoction and Dhara- refers to continuous pouring. This procedure involves pouring a customised herbal decoction or medicated milk over the entire body,  from a certain height, following a specific rhythm, and temperature. The duration of this therapy is 40 – 45 min and this period depends on the severity of the condition.

This therapy is mainly used to treat skeletal and muscular disorders, inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, infectious conditions, etc.

Kashaya Dhara helps relieve certain MS symptoms like body pains and fatigue, muscular tightness and joint stiffness. It energizes the entire body and helps in reducing stress.

We at Ayush Prana offer these customised therapies after considering the symptoms, the severity of the condition and the general health of the individual. And through PAMS therapy (Dr. Prasanth’s Ayurveda for Multiple Sclerosis), which, on average,  includes a 3 – course treatment personalised according to the patient, we will provide wholesome therapies that treat the mind, body and soul, to help recover from MS and promote overall good health of the individual.

Ayush Prana has helped the recovery of 800 patients suffering from MS with no risks or complications, using the right mix of various herbs and herbs infused oils.  We always treat the condition from its root cause and prevent the recurrence of the same.

Book a consultation with us for your customised PAMS therapy with our patented treatment methods specific to your condition and body type. Follow us to know more about our services at Ayush Prana, or for more info, contact us

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