The Golden Period of MS

Everyone has their Golden period in life, same as of an MS patient too. Here we are explain about the best time period to get treatment and come out of the disease.

Generally an RRMS patient will eventually move to SPMS in a span of 8 to 9 years. But there is a particular period which comes after the appearance of initial symptoms .This is the time where the nervous system of the human body is trying to repair itself and go back to the state of being healthy. The normal nature of the body is to stay healthy. The body always tries its best to heal itself, just like the broken bone or wound gets healed by itself. Once an MRI is taken after this period, reduction in size and number of lesions can be observed. This self-healing is more faster in younger age group people. All we try to do in this period is to bring back the equilibrium of the immune system and providing the body a better way to heal.

How to aid this process of self-healing?

  • Early to bed i.e. before 9 pm
  • Nerve strengthening herbs to be taken
  • Daily Yoga and pranayama practice for minimum 1 hour
  • Take food only in presence of good hunger
  • More fruits and vegetables to be added in the diet
  • Always take freshly cooked home-made food without any preservatives
  • Avoid the physical or mental exertion
  • Indulge in activities that gives happiness
  • Long travel to be avoided
  • Avoid immunosuppressants

This is also the best period to get Ayurvedic treatments and herbs. Herbs can give the best results along with the support of the body. The body and the Ayurvedic treatments will work hand in hand to heal the inflammation on the brain. Hence the patient will get recovered fast and much further treatments won’t be necessary. We just have to provide some herbs to maintain this balance.

Do we need to suppress the immune system?

The theory of autoimmune reaction is very common and almost everyone knows about it. It’s one way of explaining a body response in a logical way and yes, logically it made sense to us. Science is still in the stage of development, today’s theory can go in vein if another proven theory comes around, just like atoms were the smallest particle until electrons got discovered. It’s just a fish net hypothesis yet. But how effective is the treatment protocol we designed with immunosuppressants as per this theory of autoimmune disease? that’s what is matter to the patients and healers.

When we observe down the line in 10 years, there is no much difference between person who is taking the immunosuppressants and not taking any. In fact, person who is taking immunosuppressants has more side effects than others. Unfortunately, there are no studies conducted in this ground. As an observer, we can find many MS patients under immunosuppression who have reached a vegetative state in their forties. We can say, the progression of the disease was quite faster comparatively.

What we need is not immunosuppression, but we need immune balancing. Just correct the deviated paths of system and help the body to be in the healthy state. Let’s remember the definition of health as per WHO,

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

So, lets focus on bringing that complete well being state to the body.

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